The way we make music has changed, and will continue to. We wanted a studio that fit the times.


In the summer of 2009, a group of friends/engineer/producer/writers were freaking out.  Our dingy, allegedly moldy, sunless basement studio had been put up for sale, and had sold.  A daunting choice loomed: 


Do we go back to mixing/ recording/ tracking drums in our respective bedrooms?
Do we risk the little we had built for the hope of creating a shared space that would be unique and our own?


...We chose the latter...


We took up residence (one of us quite literally!) in a quaint house in the heart of Berry Hill and created The Brown Owl Recording Studio. Our goal was (and still is) to create an environment that feels like home. We wanted a studio that felt natural but at the same time new, familiar, exciting. We wanted a space that would cost only a fraction of a record's typical studio budget without the sonic compromises.


In 2012 renowned engineer Russ Long joined the fray, (that currently  includes him, Chris Kimmerer, and Mark "Z" Zellmer), bringing not only a considerable amount of gear, but a wealth of knowledge within the studio business.  

The Brown Owl has a respectable collection of mics, outboard gear, drums, and keyboards. And has become home to not only us but to everyone who passes through.